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A Message from Our President

1982. It really doesn’t seem like 40 years (or only 39 ½ for me). But in the fall of 1982, our journey began.

Ray Currier, Gary Kieffer, and Harold Bobbett began refurbishing an old building (circa 1922) that became the home of a new company called Currier Plastics, Inc. None of them were new to the plastics industry, but when the company was founded, it had no machines, no customers (some promises), and apart from renting an old warehouse, no facility. What they had were dreams and the guts to turn them into something real. The reality is that Currier Plastics, Inc., now just Currier (more about that later), grew and evolved to meet the challenges of new customers and new markets.

One thing that has remained consistent throughout the years is the desire to create a workplace that values the individual. Ray Currier believed that the foundation of any relationship was respect and integrity. That belief carries on but it’s always a work in progress because you’re only as good as your last interaction.

We have re-branded to “Currier.” New name, new logo, new website, same us. Currier is how the industry knows us, and it better reflects how we go beyond just molding plastic parts to offer value in new and different ways. We innovate based on customer needs. Currier is more than “just a molder.”

Our brand is part of how we connect with the world: our team, customers, suppliers and community. It’s also how we communicate our identity and our values. V2 takes that one step further and tells you what we offer that is different and superior: Value x Velocity. We develop value customized to your needs, then successfully deliver it with velocity.

As you may know, we are expanding again. We have purchased a building on Crane Brook Drive and are currently refurbishing it to accommodate our needs for increased production. Successfully developing relationships with existing customers along with partnering with new customers has offered us opportunities to grow. It also offers opportunities for personal growth with more jobs, new positions, and better advancement.

If Ray could only see us now. Then again, maybe he can.

John F. Currier

Published on Nov. 7, 2022