Quality Medical-Grade Components from Currier

At Currier, we make sure to employ the most stringent standards of safety, quality, and precision in the components we manufacture for healthcare applications. Our team of experts has years of experience building medical components for the laboratory diagnostics, pharmaceutical, and point-of-care markets, and we have a full range of value-added capabilities including design, custom blow molding, and custom injection molding.

Our capabilities for medical market customers come with four critical competencies:

  • Design – We work closely with your team at the conceptual stage of your medical product to provide direction for the molded part design, material performance selection, and best packaging method for the product.
  • Development – We move into the prototype stage with single cavity molds to prove the concept functions as designed and enables design changes to be made quickly for faster results.
  • Manufacturing – We source high precision/tight tolerance production tooling to produce parts as designed without defects in a cleanroom environment.
  • Qualification – Our quality assurance team is integrated into every step of the development process, collaborating with our process engineers on every molded component.

In an industry where volume, efficiency, and perfection are vitally important, Currier delivers. We are ISO 13485 certified to manufacture for the medical and pharmaceutical markets, and our customers know they can trust us to manufacture their medical components exactly how they need them.

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Currier Case Studies

Currier embraces customer challenges and works hard to find the best custom molding solutions. We’ve worked alongside customers in a wide range of industries, and no matter what the project, Currier has been able to find top-notch solutions. Read more in some of our case studies here, and see what it means to be a Currier customer  



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