Currier Delivers on Your Custom Packaging Needs

Currier understands that our plastics packaging customers need to respond quickly to ever-changing consumer demands, meaning we always remain flexible to better adapt to industry trends. Our specialized processes allow us to reduce costs and accelerate lead times for our customers, and we focus on what’s important to them in this market: brand distinction, innovation, convenience, and functionality.

Currier offers three critical elements in the custom packing needs of our customers:

  • Innovative geometric design
  • Custom blow molding for bottles, canisters, or jars
  • Injection-molded closures, lids, vials, and trays

Our combined engineering capabilities in design and processing techniques help give our customers everything they need for their custom plastic packaging needs.

Contact the team at Currier today to learn more about our work for the plastic packaging market.


Currier Case Studies

Currier embraces customer challenges and works hard to find the best custom molding solutions. We’ve worked alongside customers in a wide range of industries, and no matter what the project, Currier has been able to find top-notch solutions. Read more in some of our case studies here, and see what it means to be a Currier customer  



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