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Currier has a long history of manufacturing quality plastic components for a wide range of markets. We specialize in both injection molding as well as custom blow molding; both processes allow us to tackle any project our customers may need, from reagent bottles for the healthcare industry to food-grade containers for the food & beverage industry.

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Medical components need to be manufactured to precise specifications, and the experts at Currier have years of experience creating components with our zero-error Quality Policy and Statistical Process Control (SPC) testing.

Personal Care
Personal Care

Personal care products, such as mouthwash bottles and deodorant sticks, are common plastic products manufactured by Currier.

Food and Beverage
Food & Beverage

Plastic products made for the food & beverage industry need to meet strict FDA requirements, and at Currier, we have high-quality in-line testing to ensure everything we manufacture meets the industry standard.


Currier has built hundreds of millions of components for the telecommunications industry, focusing on creating products with high volume capacity, high precision/tight tolerance molding, quality production tooling, and engineered thermoplastic processing.


We understand that our customers in the packaging industry need to respond quickly to ever-changing consumer demands, which is why our team places a strong emphasis on convenience, innovation, reduced cost, and functionality.


Hotels, and lodging facilities are always in need of plastic products for their guests, such as disposable shampoo bottles and soap dispensers. These businesses trust the experts at Currier to manufacture plastic parts to the highest quality standards.


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