Custom Blow Molding Solutions

At Currier, our manufacturing facility goes beyond just plastic injection molding. We have one-of-a-kind custom blow molding capabilities, allowing us to streamline our processes to create the best possible components from the highest-quality materials.

Custom blow molding is a specialized plastic injection molding process utilized by manufacturers to create products with hollow interiors. Through this method, Currier can manufacture a wide range of products, including centrifuge bottles, reagent bottles, vials, and more. No matter what your application, Currier can utilize blow molding to get you the parts you need.

Our team of molding professionals offers several different types of blow molding capabilities that process different materials and various geometries, including:

  • Extrusion blow molding (EBM) – where the air is injected into the container inside the mold to create the product.
  • Injection stretch blow molding (ISBM) – where a preform is produced and manufactured using rotational symmetry.
  • Injection blow molding (IBM) – where a hollow, thermoplastic preform is inflated inside a closed mold, making the shape conform to the mold cavity.

Expert Blow Molding from the Best in the Business

Our 128,000 sq. ft. facility currently has 26 blow molding machines that produce an average of 1.2 million pounds of plastic annually. Each one of our machines features fully programmable controls and innovative material handling techniques to ensure repeatable processing and high-quality output. We also ensure the use of recycled or eco-friendly plastic resin, always taking sustainable measures when custom blow molding all manufactured components.

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Currier Case Studies

Currier embraces customer challenges and works hard to find the best custom molding solutions. We’ve worked alongside customers in a wide range of industries, and no matter what the project, Currier has been able to find top-notch solutions. Read more in some of our case studies here, and see what it means to be a Currier customer.   



Dynamic injection molding professionals manufacture all our components with quality, precision, and care. With state-of-the-art equipment, we have the ability to manufacture parts within a wide range of possibilities.  



Our team of mold-making partners, both domestic and international, represent the best in precision and quality tools. This enables our team to have the best lead times and costs when quoting new tools for customers. 



We are committed to exceeding all our customers’ expectations when it comes to quality assurance. The final products we produce are guaranteed to meet specified requirements, regardless of what the application may be. 



Our design engineering process can help produce better part-to-part consistency and significantly reduce mold costs, and our team of professional engineers knows how to implement the best procedures for any sort of specific requirement.