Currier’s Green Initiative

At Currier, we take pride in being good stewards of the environment, and we thrive off of helping our customers do the same. We work to collaborate with others in the supply chain so we can continuously learn more about utilizing green practices in our own operations.

Currier utilizes an environmentally-friendly all-in-one custom injection molding and blow molding facility. Our team recognizes the importance of being sustainable when working with plastics, and we’ve laid out 6 Green Program Directions that we aim to achieve within our company:

Bio-Fiber Resins

  • Develop an additive that achieves a minimum of 25% bio-fiber content
  • Additive that visually demonstrates “green,” yet is invisible to the consumer
  • A bio-additive that can be recycled with other PP products
  • FDA Compliant
  • Trial material for closure applications


  • Investigate and qualify resins that are compatible with landfill requirements
  • Produce components that are recyclable with bio-additives

Alternative Resin Options

  • Actively sourcing contacts to become viable suppliers for alternative resins to blend with or replace prime, virgin materials
  • Finding alternatives that include reprocessing regrind back into a uniform pellet with a consistent melt index compatible with similar prime, virgin melt PP, and HDPE
  • Confirm properties
  • Process 27% to 100% alternative resins

Packaging Methods

  • Develop innovative material handling systems that include automation to reduce labor bagging to reduce scrap
  • Use returnable containers and totes

Facility and Machine Energy Savings

  • Facility annual energy savings of 42%
  • New electric machine specifications
  • New servo-actuator machine specifications

Lean Initiatives

  • Standardized dock appointments for inbound and outbound shipments
  • Paperless system
  • Just-in-Time delivery system (JIT)
  • Recycling versus landfill
  • Post-consumer regrind usage
  • Additional silos for material
  • 100% of employees trained in lean principles
  • Six ‘S’ Program (the sixth ‘S’ is safety)
  • Kaizen workshops

Want to learn more about Currier’s Green initiative? Contact us today.



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