Currier is one of the few North American facilities capable of designing and manufacturing containers and closures at a single location. Our engineers work with customers from design through delivery, including the advantage of the Currier Quality Policy that we consider the best in the business.

Currier utilizes a wide variety of materials, carefully selected to make the right fit. Our capabilities include HDPE, PET, LDPE, PP, CPP, PVC, PETG, and PC materials that can be trusted for production of virtually any cosmetic, amenity, hair or skin care product.

Our single-site custom blow and custom injection molding facility offers near perfect production, in-line testing gives our team an incomparable responsiveness that allows us to identify deviations and adapt quickly.

Currier has reliably produced billions of pieces over the decades. Our customers count on us to provide their consumers with pristine products that are safe for personal care application every time.

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