The Currier Difference

Bringing expert solutions with dependable skill, Currier offers innovative custom molding solutions to help businesses be successful in their field of manufacturing.

Since 1982, Currier has pursued a vision of setting a new standard for service and quality in the molding industry. We continue the legacy of our company’s founder by emphasizing quality technology, automation, time-competitive business practices, and strong partnering relationships with all our customers.

Our New York-based, state-of-the-art facility is equipped with high-end manufacturing equipment to create high-quality, precise products for our customers. We offer unique, niche services including all-in-one injection molding and blow molding in a certified Class 8 clean room that has both capabilities, driving home our commitment to providing innovative solutions for our customers.

Currier is a dynamic manufacturer with an eagerness to work toward superior value. We deliver two key elements of outstanding capabilities in everything we do for our customers: Velocity x Value.

Our team of experts incorporates total quality, operational efficiency, and established organizational core values while minimizing resources and cost. We offer customized solutions from our experienced team of degreed plastics engineers and professionals, manufacturing world-class components for a wide range of industries such as healthcare, food & beverage, personal care, hospitality, and more. Our proven success in these fields allows our customers to see us as the industry standard in custom injection molding.

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V2 [or V Squared] is Currier’s business philosophy that’s been adopted and practiced throughout the company from the top down. We are driven to provide two elements of outstanding capabilities to our customers: speed multiplied by superior value.

Continuous Improvement Graphic

Continuous improvement team

Currier works toward creating the most value while minimizing resources, time, energy, and labor. Divided into 6 Pillar Teams, Currier’s Performance System works toward continuously improving our processes.



Currier recognizes the importance of being sustainable when working with plastics, so we utilize an environmentally-friendly injection molding and blow molding facility. Learn more about the 6 Green Program Directions we have for our company.



Safety is of utmost importance to all of us at Currier, and we strive to ensure all necessary precautions are taken to stop the spread of COVID-19 in our facility and within the supply chain. Learn more about our COVID-19 support.