Plastic Amenities Manufactured by the Best

The hospitality industry is all about creating an enjoyable experience for guests. Hotels, motels, resorts, restaurants, and tourist destinations all strive to make people feel welcome, which is why they utilize complimentary amenities made with quality plastic packaging.

Currier is proud to manufacture high-quality plastic packaging for amenities often used by the hospitality industry. We utilize custom blow molding and injection molding to create a wide range of plastic parts, including:

  • Shampoo & conditioner bottles
  • Body wash bottles
  • Mouthwash bottles
  • Lotion bottles

Currier puts quality and precision into every component we manufacture for the hospitality industry.

Contact the team at Currier to learn more about our plastic amenity manufacturing services.


Currier Case Studies

Currier embraces customer challenges and works hard to find the best custom molding solutions. We’ve worked alongside customers in a wide range of industries, and no matter what the project, Currier has been able to find top-notch solutions. Read more in some of our case studies here, and see what it means to be a Currier customer  



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