Type-Trade NameAbbreviationDensity-gram/cm3Description & Application
AcetalPOM1.42Natural – opaque white, very tough, low – medium cost.
 Delrin/Hostaform/Lucel – – Gears and bearing; taps and aerosol valves.
 Acrylic PMMA 1.18 Transparent and brittle, low – medium cost.
 Diakon/Oroglas/Plexiglas – – Lenses; car light housings and reflectors.
 Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene ABS 1.06 Natural opaque and tough, low – medium cost.
 Cycolac/Magnum/Novodur/Terluran – – Telephone handsets and vacuum cleaner housings.
 Cellulose Acetate CA 1.2 Transparent, tough, from flexible to rigid, high cost.
 Dexel/Cellidor/Setilithe – – Spectacles frames and screwdriver handles.
 Polyamide 6 (Nylon) PA6 1.14 Almost opaque / white, very tough, medium – high cost.
 Akulon/Ultramid/Grilon – – Bushes, bearings, curtain runners & combs.
 Polyamide 6.6 (Nylon) PA6.6 1.14 Almost opaque / white, rigid & tough, medium – high cost.
 Kopa/Zytel/Radilon – – Levers, housings, handles etc.
 Polyamide 11+12 (Nylon) PA11+12 1.18 Opaque to clear, rigid & tough, very high cost.
 Rilsan/Grilamid – – Air filters, safety masks, spectacle frames etc.
 Polyester – Thermoplastic PBT 1.42 Rigid & stable, medium – high cost.
 Celanex/Crastin & Lupox/RynitePET 1.34 Electrical sockets, housings and parts.
 Polycarbonate PC 1.2 Transparent, very tough and resilient, high cost.
 Calibre/Lexan/Makrolon – – Street lamp covers and safety helmets.
 Polyethylene – Low Density LDPE 0.92 Natural waxy appearance, tough & flexible, low cost.
 Alkathene/Escorene/Novex – – Kitchenware and many sealing lids & closures.
 Polyethylene – High Density HDPE 0.96 Natural waxy appearance, tough & stiff, low cost.
 Eraclene/Hostalen/Stamylan – – Chair seats and milk crates.
 Polyether Sulphone PES1.37 Clear, tough, v.high chemical resistance+cost.
 Victrex/Udel – – Valve seat linings, metal replacement parts etc.
 Polypropylene PP 0.91 Natural waxy appearance; tough & stiff, low cost.
 Novolen/Appryl/Escorene – – Beer crates and spade handles.
 Polyphenylene Oxide PPO 1.07 Tough & stable, high cost.
 Noryl/Thermocomp/Vamporan – –Electrical parts requiring tight tolerances.
 Polyphenylene Sulphide PPS 1.65 Brown, v.good heat resist., v.high strength+cost
 Ryton/Fortron – – Fuel system parts, guides, bearings etc.
 Polystyrene – General Purpose GPPS 1 Transparent and brittle, low cost.
 Lacqrene/Styron/Solarene – – Cosmetics packaging and ball-point barrel pens.
Polystyrene – High ImpactHIPS1.05Natural translucent and tough, low cost.
Polystyrol/Kostil/PolystarFood containers; cotton reels; toys – model kits.
Rigid Polyvinyl ChlorideUPVC1.4Transparent to opaque; tough, low cost.
Polycol/TrosiplastOutdoor applications – gutters, drainpipes & fittings.
Plasticised Polyvinyl ChloridePVC1.3Transparent to opaque; tough & flexible, low cost.
Welvic/VarlanShoe soles and electrical insulation.
Styrene AcrylonitrileSAN1.07Transparent and brittle, low cost.
 Luran/Arpylene/Starex – – Table and picnicware.
 Thermoplastic Elastomer/Rubber TPE/R 1.1 Tough & flexible, high cost.
 Hytrel/Santoprene/Sarlink –Electrically insulated parts, seals, bushes & washers.