246Beta Testing Plastrac’s Blender Process Controllers

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Beta Testing Plastrac’s Blender Process Controllers

Auburn, NY Currier Plastics has agreed to beta test Plastrac’s newest touchscreen controller in a deal made at the NPE Show in Orlando, Florida.

Currier Plastics’ plant manager Steve Salls, negotiated the details with Eric Bullivant the president of Plastrac. “We’ve used Plastrac color blending systems successfully for many years in our injection molding department. When I first took over the IM department several years ago, we were having trouble with the controllers. Eric himself came to Currier Plastics and spent the day training us on how to use and troubleshoot them, so our confidence level is high that we will continue to receive the same service. The new controller by design will make it so the material handlers and technicians will be able to set up and monitor the recipe and delivery of additives such as color or bio much quicker and easier,” said Salls. “We’re looking for any opportunity run more efficiently.”

The Currier team expects to install the first controller within the next 30 days and will share their feedback with the Plastrac engineers. “We think we are going to enjoy having this new control platform on our floor” says Salls. “The current controller we use has 16 buttons and a two-line alphanumeric LCD display. Recipes and updates are via RS232 serial port. The new controller has a touchscreen display with easy to access set-up parameters with a USB interface for recipes and software updates. Plus, we’ll be able to capture any events or alarms with the real time and day stamp.”

About Plastrac, Inc:

Plastrac Inc. designs and manufactures disc-based gravimetric and volumetric blending equipment as well as material loaders for all plastics processing. Plastrac was established in 1995 to provide the best, most affordable, most effective, easy-to-operate blending systems available to market. We continually strive to keep our customers online and producing only the best product which fully meets the requirements of their respective customers and consumers. www.plastrac.com

About Currier Plastics, Inc:

For over 35 years, Currier Plastics, Inc. has been leading the industry in custom plastics molding for markets including medical, IVD, personal care, and amenities. We provide our clients with unparalleled communication and project management with our total control approach to form, fit and function for the complete package. Our capabilities include design for manufacturability, injection molding and blow molding solutions with a one team approach providing focus on the quality of your products. Based in the USA with a 128,000-square foot facility in Auburn, New York. www.CurrierPlastics.com


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