246New Investment – Automa Blow Molding Equipment

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New Investment – Automa Blow Molding Equipment

Auburn, NY. – Currier Plastics decision to invest $850,000 to add an Automa 700D state of the art blow molding equipment is paying off quickly. “There are several advantages to adding this equipment. Statistical process control, high repeatability, and in-machine de-flashing make a better product. This machine offers 100% leak testing with the product robotically placed on a common discharge conveyor. It could easily replace 2 machines,” remarked Steve Crawford, Blow Molding Process Engineer who has been at Currier Plastics for almost 6 years. The range of containers this machine can deliver is 8 to 72 oz in a variety of geometries. The containers such as canisters or bottles are used in a variety of markets including personal care, food packaging and general household. The resin used for these containers is primarily HDPE, or High-density polyethylene. HDPE is well known for high impact strength, chemical resistance, good electrical insulating properties, with a range of temperatures from -148⁰F to +248⁰F making it an excellent choice for many product applications. Throughput has been increased dramatically with a significant decrease in the cost of Quality. The Automa 700D has an increased output by 30% compared to other blow molding equipment. With the addition of this machine, Currier Plastics will have a combination of EBM, or Extrusion Blow Molding, ISBM, or Injection Stretch Blow Molding and IM, or Injection Molding for a total of 39 Machines. In keeping with their Quality Statement, Currier Plastics is continuously seeking opportunities to improve products, processes and systems.


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