246Increasing & Investing in Injection Molding Tonnage Range

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Increasing & Investing in Injection Molding Tonnage Range

Auburn, NY. – Currier Plastics Inc. most recent investment in two 500 Ton Mitsubishi higher tonnage equipment further strengthens the company’s capabilities in Injection Molding (IM). Currier Plastics also offers custom Design, Injection Stretch Blow Molding (ISBM), and Extrusion Blow Molding (EBM).

“I’ve been working with injection molded parts for many years,” says Ken Dean, IM Manager at Currier Plastics”and I am quite impressed with the repeatability.” Ken went on to explain that you have to understand the science of molding plastic to fully appreciate the benefits of the new 500 Ton presses now running at Currier Plastics. “These machines are phenomenally consistent in achieving tighter process control, resulting in a higher quality part.”

“Increasing the tonnage range to 500 tons expanded another layer of possibilities for Currier Plastics,” says Gary Kieffer, VP of New Product Development and part owner who has been at Currier Plastics from the start. Gary went on to add that “making this financial investment of just under one million dollars is very significant. It allows for a higher cavitation for our already existing cap and closure market and also enables us to produce parts that have larger geometry.”

Currier Plastics is located in central New York and provides packaging solutions to industries including amenity and personal care, medical, instrumentation, and consumer products.


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