246New Investment – Accelerated Testing System in Quality Lab

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New Investment – Accelerated Testing System in Quality Lab

Auburn, NY Currier Plastics, Inc continues to make investments in the latest technology, this time in their Quality Lab.  The newest addition is the Quincy Lab Incubator. “Accelerated testing in the QA lab has become more common place in recent years. We are partnering with our customers to investigate new applications using plastics and we are frequently asked to provide data that will quickly prove the glass to plastic conversion theory. We have to keep up with changing times if we are going to stay ahead of the game,” says Tim Walawender, QA Engineer at Currier Plastics for 8 years.

The new incubator enables Currier Plastics to perform tests that require a constant thermal environment within +/- .04C accuracy. The proportional–integral–derivative (PID) microprocessor controller has a setting for lock out mode to avoid changes during testing and also stores temperatures so that the user is able to track deviation from set point during the testing process.

Walawender added that “having this new incubator in our lab has opened up a lot of on-site testing here at Currier that in the past we would have had to rely on outside quality labs for this type of testing. The incubator has been in operation non-stop since its arrival as we have new compatibility studies to prove so we can move forward towards prototyping and or production.”

“The addition of more QA lab equipment is in keeping with our corporate commitment to V², a practiced methodology throughout the facility,” says Lynn Knopp, QA Manager. “The customer supplies the drawings and their individual program requirements and it is up to our team to develop a customized quality control plan to identify and obtain special inspection capabilities, from concept through production. The equipment we use must be highly reliable in order to accomplish this task and to help us achieve our ISO guidelines. Whether we are in the theoretical stage or in full production, testing never stops.”

Currier Plastics has made a commitment to V² (Value X Velocity). “V² is our trademark approach to combining speed or Velocity with superior Value that incorporates total quality, operational precision, efficiency and established organizational core values,” says Gary Kieffer, VP of New Product Development.

Currier Plastics is located in central New York and is the recent recipient of the 2010 Economic Champion by the CenterState Corporation for Economic Opportunity.


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