246Welcoming More Negri Bossi Injection Molding Machines

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Welcoming More Negri Bossi Injection Molding Machines

Auburn, NY. Currier Plastics has invested in another 400 ton Negri Bossi injection molding machine, complete with full automation.  The addition of the 3 new Negri Bossi machines aid Currier’s growing processing capabilities in the cap and closure market. This is a total investment of approximately $1 million for these 3 systems.

The decision to add more Negri Bossi’s was an easy one.  “The Negri’s are faster, more efficient and use less energy.  Another plus is that they each have integral high speed robots and complete cap closure automation, making the process more stable which leads to higher quality parts,” says Scott Colgan, process engineer at Currier Plastics.  “As a process engineer we have to qualify any new programs.  We have to record countless statistical process data to prove capabilities.  Our other machines have external robotic automation that just adds an additional step to the process. With the Negri Bossi, the robot logic is built-in and this makes future set-ups easier and more consistent.”

“Another advantage to the using Negri Bossi is that it enables Currier to pursue higher cavitation caps and larger diameter lids than before.  Upgrading to these machines makes sense from multiple perspectives,” said Al Gross, Vice President of Operations, “there’s no question the Negri Bossi’s are a great fit at Currier Plastics.  We both benefit from what has become a strong, long-term partnership.”

As a multidiscipline processor (Injection Molding, Extrusion Blow Molding & Injection Stretch Blow Molding) Currier Plastics has continued to grow in the Packaging, Electronics, Medical and Instrumentation markets and was recently recognized as 2010 Economic Champion by the CenterState Corporation for Economic Opportunity. The honorees were recognized for their contributions to the economic growth of central New York region through capital expenditures in areas of new jobs, expansion and capital investments.


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