May 2014

Currier Plastics Reinforces Production Floor with Training

Auburn, NY Currier Plastics has expanded its technical training program which includes Statistical Process Control (SPC)to include all operators, beginning in their Blow Molding Department. SPC is a DMAIC methodology used for monitoring, controlling and improving a process through statistical analysis. Currier Plastics’ use of SPC along with their Hertzler Gain Seeker System technology enables …
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April 2014

Currier Plastics Continues Its Growth Path

Auburn, NY Currier Plastics has added additional molding machines increasing their growing overall blow molding capacity.   Multiple Automa Electro Series extrusion blow molding machines have been added to one of the 4 blow molding manufacturing cells. The beneficial features of this equipment include in-process trimming capabilities (dome, moil, tail and handle punch out) and complete …
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February 2014

Currier Plastics’ 3D Printer Provides Total Package Value

Auburn, NY Currier Plastics added an Objet 30 model 3D printer a few years ago as a tool in their design department for part engineering development. During this time, they have printed approximately 425 bottles, jars, canisters, closures, lids, and are still finding new uses for the technology. The 3D printer uses a technology that …
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January 2014

Currier Plastics adds Product Mini’s to Portfolio

Auburn, NY Currier Plastics now manufactures travel size beauty brands. The travel size, or mini, has become a growing trend in the market to make it easier for consumers to try new brands. Meeting more stringent travel restrictions, the mini also makes it easy for consumers to enjoy their favorite products while away from home. …
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December 2013

Currier Plastics Completes Advanced Manufacturing Project

Auburn, NY Currier Plastics has completed its expansion as part of the New York Regional Economic Development Council 5 year initiative for Advanced Manufacturing in the central New York region. The expansion was made possible by grants from New York State plus investments by the Currier Plastics ownership group and is key to help drive …
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September 2013

Currier Plastics Invests in CIE Lab Measurement System

Auburn, NY Currier Plastics has added BYK Gardner Spectrophotometer as a preventative measure for checking colors of bottles and closures at their facility. The spectrophotometer or spectro-guide measures both color and opacity, which is important because both influence the product appearance and market appeal of colored components and its’ relationship with fill product. A difference …
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August 2013

Currier Plastics Partners with Syracuse University

Auburn, NY Currier Plastics is working with graduate students from Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management and L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science on a course that will concentrate on Six Sigma’s “Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control” (DMAIC) process. The students, from the Master of Supply Chain Management (SCM), Master of Business …
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July 2013

Currier Plastics Increases ISBM Machine Bank

Auburn, NY Currier Plastics is adding another Aoki Injection Stretch Blow Molding (ISBM) machine to their ISBM bank at their facility. Aoki’s ISBM technology was developed over 30 years ago and they continue to be the industry leader in plastic container development. Aoki focuses on molding with the lowest environmental impact while effectively using environmental …
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June 2013

Currier Plastics Expansion Update

Auburn, NY. Currier Plastics has begun the final phase of their $21 million dollar expansion.  The Injection Molding (IM) department has begun the relocation of equipment in the newly renovated 25,000 sq ft production area.  New equipment for the IM department includes a 15,000 lb crane which enables moving high cavity injection molds.  The new …
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May 2013

Currier Plastics Supports First Walk for Autism Awareness Cayuga

Auburn, NY Currier Plastics participated in this milestone event as an event sponsor of the E. John Gavras Center’s First Walk for Autism Awareness held on April 20, 2013 at Hoopes Park in Auburn, New York. One in 88 children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, now the fastest growing developmental disability in the country. …
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