246Setting Pace for Efficiency in the Packaging Industry

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Setting Pace for Efficiency in the Packaging Industry

Auburn, NY Speed or velocity and value are the core of the foundation of Currier Plastics culture. Currier created the philosophy known as V² (pronounced V Squared) to improve operational efficiency and was asked to expand on this mindset at the 80th Kautex Anniversary Open House in Bonn, Germany on September 23-24.

Invited to speak at the event was Steve Valentino, Blow Molding Engineering Manager for Currier Plastics. Currier installed Kautex KBB60D, all electric machine after demonstrating with Kautex at the NPE2015 Show in Orlando, Florida earlier this year. The KBB60D is capable of producing a fractional ounce up to a 5 gallon size container. At present, it has a 2 x 12 head configuration which is being used for the production of 24ml amenity bottles. The machine platform also meets the hygiene requirements for cosmetic and food products, an industry that is heavily targeted by the custom molder. Currier Plastics closed the gap on their process control window by adding bottle orientation, a vision inspection system and an automatic box filling system.

Kautex founder, Reinold Hagen developed the first standard system for manufacturing hollow plastic containers and in that same year the first ever 10 liter container was blown on a Kautex machine. When the team at Currier Plastics was looking to add a new platform, they reviewed several machine manufacturers and made the decision to partner with the blow molding pioneer. “The decision to partner with Kautex was an easy one,” say Valentino. ” We chose them because of strong engineering support, the availability of spare parts and service in the US, and the flexibility of the machine especially with job changeovers. They have been very supportive to our team.”

Currier Plastics is located in the heart of central New York and has been custom molding for a variety of industries such as plastic packaging, beauty and cosmetics, amenities, household consumables, electronic connectors and medical measuring devices since 1982.


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Currier Plastics Sets Pace for Efficiency in the Packaging Industry