246Proudly Received MAPP’s Annual Safety Best Practices Competition

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Proudly Received MAPP’s Annual Safety Best Practices Competition

Auburn, NY Currier Plastics has received the recognition from MAPP (Manufacturing Association for Plastics Processors).  Currier is described by their peers as “world class, state-of-the-art, top echelon, industry leaders, innovative, and superior.”

“Currier Plastics has always had a belief that we need to place value in our employees and create a work environment that is truly a great place to work. As we looked at our core values, we identified Safety as being a place that we could improve. For years, we have tracked key incidents as they have occurred and worked to reduce the total number of recordable and lost time incidents. By the end of 2017, our number of incidents had plateaued, and we decided that it was time to reevaluate our system and develop a plan. Safety had become something that happened but wasn’t a primary focus,” said Ray McKee, Director of Manufacturing.

Development of the plan was expanded on by McKee. “We needed to create something that wasn’t going to be a flavor of the week or a short-term exercise, we knew that we had to identify some key elements of a comprehensive safety program. We identified focus areas including Leadership, Conditional Based Safety, Behavioral Observation, Communication, Training, Incident Reporting, Recognition, and Continuous Improvement. Within each of these areas, we wanted to focus on how we promote engagement, use data to make decisions, and make safety a part of the conversation within the facility on a day in and day out basis.”

The results spoke for themselves.  Currier Plastics has grown in total employees over the past several years and recently broke their record for longest period of time without a recordable incident (previous record was 233 days), the safety committee is engaged and having the strongest turnout in years, and they have the high level engagement as shown by the 550+ close call/first aid reports that have been submitted since the start of 2019. Their recordable injury rate is on pace to be the lowest in their history, and they continue to make significant improvements to their safety engagement and culture. “We believe that placing the priority on safety that we have is a major part of what makes Currier Plastics a preferred employer as well as a preferred supplier to our customers,” added McKee.

About MAPP:

Established in 1997, The Manufacturer’s Association for Plastics Processors, Inc. (MAPP) is the largest grassroots organization in the United States plastics industry, serving over 400 member companies representing more than 45,000 employees.  As a national non-profit Trade Association for plastics manufacturers, MAPP provides its Members with access to the most powerful networking in the industry.

MAPP is driven by a Board of Director’s made up of owners and presidents of leading plastics companies. Having over 2,000 industry professionals involved in the organization provides a variety of channels to expedite solutions and build momentum for continued growth and development in areas that will positively impact the plastics industry.

About Currier Plastics, Inc:

For over 37 years, Currier Plastics, Inc. has been leading the industry in custom plastics molding solutions for markets including medical, personal care, and amenities. We provide our clients with unparalleled communication and project management with our total control approach to form, fit and function for the complete package. Our capabilities include design for manufacturability, injection molding and blow molding with a one team approach providing focus on the quality of your products. Based in the USA with a 128,000 square foot facility in Auburn, New York.   www.CurrierPlastics.com