246Currier Plastics Invests in CIE Lab Measurement System

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Currier Plastics Invests in CIE Lab Measurement System

Auburn, NY Currier Plastics has added BYK Gardner Spectrophotometer as a preventative measure for checking colors of bottles and closures at their facility. The spectrophotometer or spectro-guide measures both color and opacity, which is important because both influence the product appearance and market appeal of colored components and its’ relationship with fill product. A difference in opacity level can make a filled product appear different depending on how translucent or transparent the package is, so it is better to measure both opacity and color. In doing so, the chance for a color mismatch is greatly reduced. This method has a 15+ year proven track record of quality control.

Currier’s decision to add a spectro-guide unit wasn’t because of a particular problem but rather as a proactive approach to defining color batches. Currier can verify and quantify control of not only produced products but makes color sampling more efficient as well as keep color vendor quality in control as well.

The system used at Currier Plastics is unique as it is accurate. L, A, B, and Opacity values are monitored during production runs to established standards approved by customers. As the program continues, color matching trials, standards, and accuracy will be finely tuned to assure conformance to defined specifications. “Have you ever seen 10 people standing around trying to determine if a color is OK? The fact is, we all see color differently. In fact, women see colors better than men! The physical reason is that women have more cones in their retinas (the part that sees color). So why would we not use a measurement device to take out the guessing? This system basically eliminates all guesswork in our manufacturing setting. You have to have the right tools on hand because color has such an impact on product brand recognition,” says Joel Sieber, Product Development Manager.

Currier Plastics is located in the heart of central New York and has been custom molding for a variety of industries such as plastic packaging, beauty and cosmetics, amenities, household consumables, electronic connectors and medical measuring devices since 1982.


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