246Currier Plastics Increases Blow Molding Capacity

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Currier Plastics Increases Blow Molding Capacity

Auburn, NY Currier Plastics has recently added three Automa extrusion blow molding machines. They have added (2) AT400D and (1) AT700D machines that feature in-process trimming capabilities (dome, moil, tail and handle punch out) increasing their overall blow molding capacity.

These new investments are valued at $ 1.75 million and significantly increases the custom molder’s ability to produce both higher volume and larger sized container programs. Adding the multi featured Automa’s will have a positive impact on the processing throughput and is another example of the molder’s demonstration of their V² philosophy. V² is pronounced V Squared and is defined as Value x Velocity-the speed or true velocity in everything they do multiplied by superior value that incorporates total quality, operational efficiency and established organizational core values.

Currier Plastics constantly researches ways to help their unique clientele get to market faster with the best product at the best price. “Our data showed that adding these 3 particular machines to our BM department will produce a very quick Return on Investment (ROI) because it increases our ability to mold at higher cavitations than before” says Steve Feaster, Project Manager. ” We have customers that want to expand their product lines in terms of volume, so making these investments to offer our full support at Currier was the direction we wanted to go in. Additionally these machines opens a dialogue for potential clients who are looking for a custom molder in central New York that can bring value and velocity V² to support them,” adds Steve. “We use high tonnage injection molding (IM) machines to mold high cavitation custom lids and closures. We can now offer the same advantage in the BM department with the addition of these new Automa’s.”

Currier Plastics is located in the heart of the finger lakes region and has been a custom molder for thirty years. They specialize in Custom Product Design, Injection Molding (IM), Extrusion Blow Molding (EBM), and Injection Stretch Blow Molding (ISBM). Currier Plastics is an Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) award winner and is a recipient of the Economic Champion by the Center State Corporation for Economic Opportunity. Currier Plastics was recently featured on the January 2012 cover of Plastics Technology with their new proprietary product, The Perfect Sit®.


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