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Currier Plastics Expansion Update

Auburn, NY. Currier Plastics has begun the final phase of their $21 million dollar expansion.  The Injection Molding (IM) department has begun the relocation of equipment in the newly renovated 25,000 sq ft production area.  New equipment for the IM department includes a 15,000 lb crane which enables moving high cavity injection molds.  The new 40,000 sq ft Blow Molding facility is complete and fully operational.

When Currier designed the facility, they wanted to build in efficiencies wherever possible. They converted to energy efficient lighting for their warehouse and new blow molding building.  They added a state of the art water treatment system with a new cooling tower that supplies chilled water to their molding machines and processes.  Dave Norsen, Facilities Manager explained further ” We have a 275 ton evaporative water cooling tower on the roof.  The water it cools is pumped through a heat exchanger and used to keep our process water at the correct temperature for our machines.  We also have a 100 ton water chiller that uses the tower water to keep its compressors cool.  The Delta Monitoring System  allows us to keep an eye on the whole system from anywhere internet access is available.   The Delta Monitoring System controls the speed of the pumps and tower fans to increase or decrease speeds depending on the load we have on either system.  It almost runs itself!”

Currier followed guidelines for non-combustible construction and have installed fire doors that separate the Blow Molding and the Injection Molding areas with the warehouse.  Fire doors are used to help isolate any incidents and contain them to one area of the facility, thereby reducing risk.  A new sprinkler system has been installed in the BM building and throughout the warehouse and heat sensors were added throughout the offices.  With Just In Time (JIT) delivery, as product is manufactured, it is immediately prepared for shipment and loaded in to waiting trailers.  This reduces inventory in the  warehouse.

Currier Plastics is located in the heart of central New York and has been custom molding for a variety of industries such as plastic packaging, beauty and cosmetics, amenities, household consumables, electronic connectors and medical measuring devices since 1982.


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