Integrity and pride has always been a staple of the Currier Plastics company culture. As such, we strive to be good stewards of the environment and help our customers do the same.

Green is no different than utilizing good business sense. It is about protecting your business and the environment. To achieve the greatest benefits from green efforts, companies need to collaborate with others in the supply chain and learn how to use lifecycle analysis to improve their operations.

We use green practices for our own operations as well. Currier recently committed to using energy-saving LEDs for all lighting throughout entire facility, including signage and parking lot illumination outside.

Currier Plastics recognizes the importance of green and is embracing this way of thinking, acknowledging the change that needs to happen is no longer one that can occur by companies acting alone. It is a systems wide change involving the participation and collaborating of our customers and suppliers.

Currier Plastics’ Six Green Program Directions

  1. Bio-Fiber Resins
  • Develop an additive that achieves a minimum of 25% bio-fiber content
  • Additive that visually demonstrates “green,” yet is invisible to consumer
  • A bio-additive that can be recycled with other PP products
  • FDA Compliant
  • Trial material for closure applications

2) Biodegradable

  • Investigate and qualify resins that are compatible with landfill requirements
  • Produce components that are recyclable with bio additives

3) Alternative Resin Options

  • Actively sourcing contacts to become viable suppliers for alternative resins to blend with or replace prime, virgin materials
  • Finding alternatives that include reprocessing regrind back into a uniform pellet with a consistent melt index compatible to similar prime, virgin melt PP and HDPE
  • Confirm properties
  • Process 27% to 100% alternative resins

4) Packaging Methods

  • Develop innovative material handling systems that includes automation to reduce labor bagging to reduce scrap
  • Use returnable containers and totes

5) Facility and Machine Energy Savings

  • Facility annual energy savings of 42%
  • New electric machine specifications
  • New servo-actuator machine specifications

6) Lean Initiatives

  • Standardized dock appointments for inbound and outbound shipments
  • Paperless system
  • Just-in-Time delivery system (JIT)
  • Recycling versus landfill
  • Post-consumer regrind usage
  • Additional silos for material
  • 100% of employee base-trained in lean principles
  • Six ‘S’ Program (the sixth ‘S’ is safety)
  • Kaizen workshops