Selecting the correct material for each application can be a daunting task, requiring in-depth knowledge of the multiple molding resins available. Recommending the right type and grade of resin hinges on a thorough understanding of the product’s application and all engineering characteristics need to be carefully weighed before a determination is made.

Currier Plastics Materials Group works closely with our Development Engineering Team to offer our customers the most cost effective material options for their applications. Since our inception, we have been successful in managing and sourcing the necessary material channels for our customers.

Our Materials Group manages the procurement of resins and keeps our customers well informed of material trends, availability and cost perspectives. As materials are a significant driver in the Plastics Industry, we have outlined what may specifically drive polymer pricing.

NOTE: Any of these factors can and will influence price…


  • Raw material prices
  • Operating costs


  • Economy
  • Utilization rates
  • Loss of available capacity (outages)
  • Inventory trends (resin, finished goods, etc.)
  • Exports and imports


  • Perception / anticipation of new capacity
  • Desire for market share
  • Prices of competitive materials
  • Market leadership
  • Market momentum
  • Natural disasters / political turmoil