Smart Mouth brand mouthwash in PET bottles
drawing of side by side comparison of PET bottles
  1. Situation / Challenge:
    Our customer presented Currier Plastics a unique package geometry that needed to be packed in shrink wrap as a side by side configuration. Previous attempts at processing this configuration led to critical negative elements that needed to be overcome.
  2. Evaluation:
    The evaluation of this program clearly defined
    three areas of most concern including;

    • perpendicularity to the base of the bottle
    • assembly panel area that was not flat
    • very weak corners
  3. Process:
    The first step was to work with our customer to define specific fail conditions and bottle specifications. Collaboration was very important as time was also a factor in the production forecasts.CAD Models were then edited using Currier Plastics Design For Manufacturing (DFM) characteristics and sent to customer for approval. Within 30 days, Currier Engineering established a robust design with engineering details including overflow and subtle height adjustments.

Solution / Results:

Currier Plastics embraced the challenge and with the Design / Engineering & Customer collaboration drove:

  • 1 cavity Prototype mold produced for first article inspection for proof of design
  • Multi-cavity Production ISBM Mold produced
  • Currier Team traveled to Japan to approve build on site

Product Launch was successful and currently in production with over 1/2 million sold year to date.

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