I began  as an operator in blow molding on an alternating 12 hour shift. I quickly rose through the ranks and landed in Cell III as a cell lead. Six months later, I was promoted to a facility maintenance technician role where I pushed myself hard and within a year I was working independently. I began focusing on the safety of the company and this did not go unnoticed as my manager and peers saw how passionate I was about safety.  When the opening for a Safety Coordinator job came up, I applied and was promoted again.  I didn’t stop there and neither did the expectations! I am now the Safety Pillar Team Leader which is part of our continuous improvement process.  Though challenging, this has proven to be a great way for me and the leaders of Currier to spread the word that the Safety of our employees is above all else the most important thing at Currier Plastics.”

Corey R. 5 years

“The time came for a change as the company I worked for sold its plastic division and I was going to be part of another company, different folks, if I stayed on.  Six months later, I found Currier Plastics…Great people, opportunities, self-development, challenges, Great people!  So now I work with a company who from the President down, cares deeply about their employees, at all levels.  I have worked as a Supervisor, Training Coordinator, Department Manager and currently Continuous Improvement Leader.

What makes Currier ‘the’ great place to work is that no matter what role you are in for the company you feel you are just as important in that role as anyone else is in theirs!  Currier is a place where you can actively talk about your ideas, implement your ideas, help cultivate change and be an integral part in the company’s growth while having fun doing it!”

Scott R. 8 years

“I first started as a temp worker in 1998.  First factory job I’ve ever had and I knew nothing about manufacturing, but eagerly, quickly learned.  Everyone from operator to lead, to supervisor and upper management were so engaged with everyone. I was promoted to lead operator within just a few months. Advancement is always achievable.  I cannot imagine working anywhere else again.  I left for 3 years but returned without feeling I had even left. It’s not just a job, it’s a family.”

Barb S. 21 years

“I came straight to Currier from college. I found out about Currier through Penn State Erie, The Behrend College.  After graduation I was hired as a blow molding technician and after a year, I applied for and was accepted for an engineering position.  I like the people I work with and really enjoy working with the all electric machines.  Currier is always advancing and expanding.”

Jason S. 7 years