Currier Plastics has 8 Continuous Improvement Pillar Teams:

Constant Safety– Systematically identify and eliminate hazards before any kind of incident or injury occurs.

Continuous Skills Development– A standardized training process to ensure our employees are doing the right things, the right way, at the right time, every single time.

Daily Team Maintenance-Reduce minor machine stops by reducing process variation, increase equipment life, enhance operator skills and promote ownership of equipment.

5S- Sort – Straighten- Shine – Standardize – Sustain– The primary objective is to create a clean, orderly environment where there is a place for everything and everything is in it’s place.

Quality Management– The reduction of variation to achieve zero defects through the optimization of machine settings, methods, material specifications and operator practices.

Focused Improvement– Lead cross functional teams through the completion of projects and create a positive impact on safety, improve employee work life and reduce operational costs.

Maintenance Excellence– Variation reduction achieved through the elimination of machine failures (interruptions in the process), technician skills enhancement, and consistent maintenance.

Supply Chain– Establishing the planning, scheduling and warehouse process.